Indoor climate tips

Here's how you can help create a good indoor climate

There are many conditions, both internal and external, that can affect your indoor climate.

Here's an overview of what you can do yourself - and a little about what KLP does.

Cooling Season

KLP closes the property's radiators when no more heat is needed. In addition, we recommend that you and your colleagues be aware of several initiatives.

Once the cooling season has started, it is important that you and your colleagues:

• Ensure all radiator heat sources are switched off in cooled areas. Adjust the valve as shown to the left

• Ensure that all windows and doors to the room are kept closed in chilled areas

• Introduce a routine to roll down the blinds every night so that the morning sun rays do not heat the premises before you meet

Especially for HUB two:

• Be aware that it is optimal if all operating pressures are set the same for each cooling zone

Adjusting levels

Note that you can basically set a small +/- value in the individual climatic areas, so if the room temperature is set to 22 C in general, for example, you can raise or lower it yourself.

Opening in a window will affect the cooling system's effect. If there is a large temperature difference between the climate zones, they will also be difficult to control.

About setpoints

For HUB two, the recommended set point in the summer is 23 C. Only Hoffmann has KLP's permission to change the general set points in the climate areas. This is to ensure that programming changes are transferred to the property's KNX system.

In HUB three, only KLP or KLP's supplier can change the general set points in the climate areas, so that we can also ensure that changes in programming are transferred to the property's CTS system.

For both systems, local changes in setpoints that are not updated in the property system will cause system errors, which can be very costly.

Here's how to lower the sun's heat

• Pull the blinds in and make sure they are angled to avoid the direct heat effect

• Use the blinds preventively by closing them until late in the evening to protect them from the morning sun, even before you and your colleagues meet at work.